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DIY hankies

I saw online a beautiful way to present hankies to guests for the church ceremony.

They were simply rolled into, what looked like little roses. They look super cute and your guests will love their little keepsake and it's a good start to them entering the church.
 You could leave it for them to help themselves, get someone to give them out or leave them on their seats, there are many options, it's what option suits your wedding most.
I like the idea of having lots of different colours and patterns but you may prefer to choose just one colour or style.
Another option is having tags on the roses, you could have small tags that say 'for your happy tears', which is very sweet or you could just leave them as they are without any tag, as they still look very classy.

There are tonnes of ideas on Pintrest and I saw them for sale on etsy. Here is the link to the ones I saw, which I liked the most.

You can also opt to make them yourself, if you have time on your hands for weddin…

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